• To arrange and register sale and purchase of Exchange elements

  • To determine and announce duly the daily prices of Exchange elements.

  • With the confirmation of the Committee, to make general arrangements that will come into effect concerning the liabilities of delivery, receive and payment of the purchaser and seller, the settlement conditions of processes, effective terms on pricing, and arbitration process of discordant.

  • To correspond prices while tracking the domestic and international exchange and market, to guide its members about e-trading and the Internet sites.

  • To issue and ratify the documents.

  • Expert reports.

  • Analysis reports.

  • Documents regarding the prices of Exchange elements.

  • Warehouse receipt, warrant and other receipts and bills representing the commodities.

  • Requested documents on conventions.

  • Invoice confirmations

  • Specimen signature ratification of exchange members

  • Ratification of signatures on forward sales and short sales agreements

  • Registry and record copies of Exchange members

  • Other requested documents on Exchange good and Exchange transactions

  • Services furnished by the exchange to measure and weigh the exchange-owned commodities

  • Custody and warehousing services by the exchanges that own certain facilities

  • Domestic goods certificates

  • Other services

  • To establish laboratories and technical quarters or to participate in previously established for the fixation of exchange goods’ types and features

  • To detect customs, attitudes and established practices specific to the regions, to submit it to the Ministry and announce

  • To apply, request and propose concerning the activities of the exchange, to prepare a lawsuit on behalf of itself or its exchange members according to its all or a certain group of members

  • To monitor agreements, decisions or concerted practices that may cause distortion of competition and to report it to the authorities if detected any.

  • To conduct the projects given to the ministries or other public establishments or organizations through legislation when conferred to the exchanges outlined in the law about the aims of its foundation and functions.

  • To hand out documents to the members in need and give services relevantly.

  • To assess the domestic trade show applications and submit the proposals to the Union

  • To exert the responsibilities given by the Union and Ministry framed by the relevant law and to exert other tasks given by the other legislation.

Date: 26.04.2013
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