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 In the meeting hall of the General Secretariat of the Tigris Development Agency in Mardin, a briefing and support and grants guide for civil society organizations covering Batman, Mardin, Siirt and Şırnak and districts was held.

Kızıltepe Commodity Exchange President Mehmet Sahin, Kızıltepe Chamber of Commerce and Industry Secretary General Ahmet Aslan, Mardin Social Solidarity Federation President M.Şerif Öter, Science Industry and Technology Director Musa Öztürk, Provincial Civil Society Relations Director Salih Nergiz, Ancient Syriacs Foundation Deputy Chairman Yılmaz Hiçbezmez, Mardin Black Sea Brotherhood Solidarity Association President İdris Demir and NGO representatives from all over the city attended the meeting held under the chairmanship of DIKA Secretary General Yilmaz Altındağ,

Tigris Development Agency Secretary General Yilmaz Altındağ said the main purpose of development agencies, public sector, private sector and non-governmental organizations were to improve cooperation and effective use of resources. Altındağ said: “We know how to live together in the TRC region and in our province, but we could not develop our working culture together. Our state and government have recently provided very good opportunities to investors and citizens. As an agent, we provide information and consultancy services through the investment support offices to improve the institutional capacity of NGOs. Through our technical support programs, we also provide numerous qualified trainings. We will continue to provide feasibility, technical and information support to NGOs who know what they want, set their goals and take firm steps towards institutionalization of NGOs. " Following the opening speech, DIKA Mardin Investment Support Office Specialist Burcu Günay gave a presentation on “NGO Support and Grants Guide” to the participants. The sources of support and grants that can be used in the presentation include DIKA, GAP Regional Development Administration, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Foundation Supports, Embassy Supports, Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities, European Union Funds, United Nations Funds and International Businesses. It is stated that there is such a wide range of Union Programs.

A Support and Grants Guide for Non-Governmental Organizations was prepared in order to inform the non-governmental organizations that develop projects will integrate the important public investments made by our State in our region socially as it guidelines for public and private grants to NGOs in the region so as to provide a brief overview of support in a logical framework. It provides information on the amount of grants as well as the characteristics sought in the beneficiaries; plus, the support elements and the duration of the technical and financial support to be provided to non-governmental organizations. Thus, it is aimed to direct civil society organizations to various financial support programs with the idea that a concrete, open handbook will make significant contributions.

Representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations were also provided with extensive information about the projects they can take through the Development Agency and EU funded projects.

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